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For clients looking to maintain their detailed vehicles in the way they left our workshops, we have created a select range of  ‘packs’ with all of the necessary cleaning products you will need.

The Marells Wheel Cleaning Kit comprises:

Rims alloy wheel cleaner
Rims alloy wheel cleaner is an alkaline based detergent which quickly breaks down dirt and contaminants on alloys wheels, steel wheels, chrome wheels and painted wheels. Rims alloy wheel cleaner also provides excellent detergent and emulsification for soils. We recommend using our anti-scratch Vikan wheel brush and our wooden detailing brush set to access the difficult areas around the wheel nuts and behind the alloy wheel spokes.
Bleeding rims wheel cleaner
An advanced alloy wheel cleaner, Bleeding Rims was designed as a PH balanced cleaner than can dissolve brake dust and act as an iron contamination remover. Bleeding Rims spray turns all unwanted contaminants into a deep purple colour to make it easy for you see where you need to clean your vehicle whilst dissolving dirt. We also recommend our Marells Vikan-wheel-brush and our wooden detailing-brush sets. These are designed to reach the difficult areas of modern alloy wheel design and due to their plastic & wooden construction, will not scratch your wheels.
20Ltr bucket and grit guard
The 20-litre wash bucket features an innovative grit guard, which sits at the bottom of the bucket, trapping dirt to prevent it from being reintroduced to the sponge or brush whilst cleaning.
Vikan wheel brush
The Marells Vikan multi-purpose cleaning brush has soft bristles which is ideal for cleaning aluminium wheel rims. The multi-brush is made of solid black polypropylene and has soft red/green polyester filaments. This brush is perfect for cleaning wheels, sills, door shuts, arches and many more.
Micro fibre wheel brush
The Marells Microfibre Wheel Brush is a soft microfibre blend which eliminates the risk of scratches to your alloy wheels, meaning you can agitate brake dust and road grime without damaging your coated, painted, or polished wheel surfaces.The wheel brush’s polyester and polyamide microfibre removes grime, when used in conjunction with Marells Bleeding Rims alloy wheel cleaner, but soft on your wheels for a scratch-free clean. Its long-reach handle and brush head allow you to reach through the spokes and into the barrel of the wheel, so you can thoroughly clean of all the inner components that you can’t normally get to like between the wheel’s edge and the brake callipers.
Wooden detailing brushes
Marells wooden handled detailing brush suitable for both interior and exterior use. Particularly effective on exterior jobs for removing dirt and grime from window seals, badges, and any number of tight crevices.

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