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For clients looking to maintain their detailed vehicles in the way they left our workshops, we have created a select range of ‘packs’ with all of the necessary cleaning products you will need.

The Marells Car Finishing Kit comprises:

Versatile multipurpose dressing
Multi-Purpose Dressing to enhance the look of tyres, wheel arches, engine bay and exterior trims. Furthermore, you can enhance the plastic surface interior spaces with it.
Yellow care detailing cloths
Ideal for dusting and polishing, the microfibre material will easily catch small particles of dust and dirt, while the extra absorbency means less scrubbing for the same high quality results. This will make it easy for cleaning staff to keep your surfaces spotlessly clean. Use in dry and damp conditions to ensure no surface is left untouched to provide your staff and customers with the highest possible working and dining experience. Available in four bright colours including blue, red, green and yellow.
Black/yellow applicator sponges
The Marells dual-purpose applicator / polishing sponge allows for precise detailing allowing for work to be performed on areas that would be hard to reach with a conventional polishing machine. These pads can also be used as high-quality sponges, which gives them highly flexible uses for any number of jobs.
Tyre applicator sponge
The Marells tyre and trim applicator is the clean and easy way to apply the Marells Versatile tyre dressing to your trims or tyres. The firm sponge applicator has been designed to make life easy with trim and tyre gels. The green section of the sponge is slightly firmer to make it easier to hold and spread the gels, whilst the grey area of the applicator is softer for going over a manufacturer tyre insignia. The pointed ends can be used to get into tighter areas, to ensure an even coverage.
Last Touch detailer spray
If you are looking for professional level vehicle detailing accessories, then please consider our car detailing spray. Combined with our car detailing cloths you are guaranteed the perfect and durable finish to your car’s paintwork. Even in the wet, this hydrophobic spray continues to work on your vehicle’s paintwork, plastic surfaces, glass and chrome.
Revive car polish
Revive is a car polish that has been formulated by Marells to enhance your car’s paintwork. In addition to reviving old and tired vehicle paintwork, It provides a durable Hydrophobic gloss finish making it resilient to all weather conditions. Marells Revive car polish can be applied to all type of vehicle paintwork finishes including acrylics, melamine’s, synthetic & cellulose. We recommend applying Marells car polish using our soft, scratch free ‘blue detailing cloths’.

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