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For clients looking to maintain their detailed vehicles in the way they left our workshops, we have created a select range of  ‘packs’ with all of the necessary cleaning products you will need.

The Marells Car Cleaning Kit comprises:

Versatile multipurpose dressing
Multi-Purpose Dressing to enhance the look of tyres, wheel arches, engine bay and exterior trims. Furthermore, you can enhance the plastic surface interior spaces with it.
Car washing shampoo
Our car spa shampoo detergent is just what you need for washing your car. It contains a powerful blend of detergents and special additives that clean away oil stains, grease, and road grime from paintwork.
Premium blue drying towel
The only way to dry a vehicle without scratching it! An ultra plush towel manufactured from high-quality materials. This drying towel simply soaks up water, making a very effective and safe way to dry your vehicle.
Coffee coloured wash pad
A single coffee coloured microfiber wash pad for using while washing your car or van, and using to apply Crystal Vision Cleaning Agent or Car Spa Shampoo.
20Ltr bucket & grit guard
The 20-litre wash bucket features an innovative grit guard, which sits at the bottom of the bucket, trapping dirt to prevent it from being reintroduced to the sponge or brush whilst cleaning.
Crystal vision window cleaner
Marells Crystal Vision glass cleaner is designed to chemically dissolve or lift away any kind of contamination before allowing the alcohol base to evaporate off to a crystal-vision finish. Marells Crystal Glass Cleaner spray-on liquid cleaner quickly and efficiently works its way into all the surface ruts and ridges, breaking the bonds of any contaminant and leaving it free it to be wiped away without abrading the surface. It leaves no smears or dirt trails after cleaning with a Marells yellow car detailing cloth.

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